Volkstyle Base Part01 - Airport Weeze (Deutschland)

Sunday, 25. August 2013 - 9:00 - 18:00

New event for VAG-enthusiasts

Volksbase by vw-resto.de

This year VAG-fans can look forward to a new large scale event : Volkstyle Base Part I. On Sunday, 25th of August 2013 you can be part of this international meeting on the former RAF air force base at Airport Weeze in Germany. Hundreds of Volkswagens, Audi’s, Seats, Skoda’s and Porsches will meet at this location, because Volkstyle Base is VAG-only!

Volkstyle Base is an initiative of Volkstyle Magazine which recently released its 3rd edition. Volkstyle has quickly become one of the most active communities in Europe with over 10.000 fans. Every three months Volkstyle Magazine brings you the most impressive cars from the VAG-scene, not only from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from abroad.

The event location near Airport Weeze is unique in Europe. It’s an attractive location with almost 30 bunkers, small hangars and a large hangar (4.500m2). The area is surrounded by trees and is divided into a number of large en small lanes. The former RAF air force base is closed in 1999 and is now part of the complex of Airport Weeze which is only 1 kilometre away from the border near Venray.
This location is known as the location of Q-base, one of the largest dance festivals.

Volkstyle Base has a number of themes that are exhibited in and around the hangars including: Aircooled, Audi, Volkswagen and Performance. During a selection procedure prior the event the most beautiful cars will be screened. The large hangar will contain the most impressive cars and several companies, such as performance, styling, wheels and tires. Other parts of this immense area will be accessible for VAG only!
The admissions fee and the selection procedure will be announced soon





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